Tata Astrum

Tata Astrum, the brand for HR Sheets & Coils from Tata Steel, is the new star in the manufacturing marquee that will redefine the norms of the market by virtue of its impeccable quality and best-in-class service offerings. Hot rolled coils and sheets have been the backbone of the infrastructure and manufacturing sector for years now.

Tata Astrum shall strive to support the growth in these sectors by addressing the pain areas of the customers and providing end to end solutions. With its wide range of products, Tata Astrum can serve customers from different segments viz. Automotive, Railways, Yellow Goods, Agriculture, Fabrication, etc.

Vision & Mission

Our focus is the emerging corporates segment that contributes to almost half of the domestic steel consumption.

Our customers that include the automotive, yellow goods, construction, railways and fabrication industries can now fulfil their needs with a brand that has values stronger than steel.

Tata Steel Kalinganagar Project

Brand Brochure


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